Myself with Music legends Ganesh and Kumaresh

Dear Friends,
I was fortunate enough to meet the Violin duo legends Ganesh and Kumaresh on my flight journey to USA via British Airways. They were seated  behind my rows in Economy class. I went and spoke to them for 5 min about their wonderful music. They were quite humble and appreciated me for my music interest and wished me. At last I requested them for a picture. They were hurrying in the transit (London) to catch their next flight when this pic was taken. I will cherish this moment till my last breathe. Unfortunately the pic was taken in a hurry against the sunlight :(. 
AR Rahman said famously in an interview to Deccan chronicle  "After traveling extensively to four countries when I come back to Chennai I am often asked why I choose to live here? The reason is simple because my house is here and Ganesh and Kumaresh are here." So said A.R Rahman as he launched the new age violin album "Carnatic chills" brought out by Ganesh Kumaresh.(Deccan chronicle Feb 12th 2007).