Connect via Music

Dear Friends,
I have created this blog to connect with you all on Music via Keys. I will be sharing songs from Indian/Carnatic/Western Genre music and of course my own compositions on a weekly basis. Songs and musical notes will be played with my dear Yamaha Keyboard and hopefully with Piano in near future. I have provided the videos with a bit of description for the music played. I hope you will like my play of this evergreen music from multitude of Music legends.

Blog Layout – Quick reference:
I have currently designed the layout as below·         
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More to come ….

Note – Request you to use ‘headphones’ when you hear the music for better effects. Thanks for your time. Please provide me your valuable comments which will help me to become a better musician.

                                                  Long live music.

My composition - Luv- You

My own composition for those who choose to Love instead of Hate. Please hear it with HEADPHONES and let me know your comments.

My Heart Will Go On - Teaser


My first try to play this Evergreen romantic song in my own style. Please hear it with HEADPHONES. If you like it i will play the FULL SONG soon :).

Tamizha Tamizha - Teaser

My first try with MIDI recording using Presonus Studio DAW software. Will improvise it in comming days. Please hear the music with HEADPHONES. Hope you will like my style of play.

Forgive Me SweetHeart

Dear Friends,

I am back with my composition titled ‘Forgive Me Sweetheart’. I was alone at home today. Smoky Sunday afternoon with rains. Suddenly felt my heart heavy and started free style playing in my Keyboard and this piece of music came out.
Please hear it with HEADPHONES and let me know your comments.

Varsha - Santorini

Dear Friends,
Yesterday night I observed to my surprise that Varsha (my daughter) was playing this song ‘Santorini’ composed by Yanni. I used to hear this song in my lappy few times in the past. Nobody taught her to play this. Hope you will like her improvisation as she plays.

Lover's Heartbeat- My Composition

Dear Friends,
My 2nd sequel song to Remembering Her is ‘Lovers Heartbeat’. Hear with Headphones.
Waiting for your valuable feedback.