Music Article - Subbudu Sir

Dear Friends,
Along with my Keyboard/Piano plays, I felt that I can use this blog to write out some ‘Articles’ on people connected to music. I will try my best to bring out some interesting incidents which are unknown to most of us. I hope you will like this initiative.

On these lines my first article will be on P. V. Subramanian (Subbudu)

I am happy to furnish an unknown incident which my father narrated to me some time back. In his younger days, my father had opportunities to spend time with Subbudu Sir one of the most respected Music and Dance Critics of this decade. In my father’s own words now …….
I brief here how music started engulfing youngsters like me to sing during early 1950s when I was studying VI STD at Dharapuram.One evening of April, I heard some melodious Bhajans sung by a chorus opposite to my house in Kolinjivadi a village hamlet which is part of Dharapuram. I went into the house where Bhajans were sung, and joined a small group of around 10 people. One elderly person playing harmonium, led the Bajans and others repeated the Bhajans.The way he played the Harmonium and sang simultaneously was excellent and I had goose bumps all over my body. Today I can say that he can be looked as a Pianist where the left and right hand go in sync in an amazing way for complex styles. No wonder, I joined the Bhajans like others who came in one by one that day. He sang many 'namavalis'. A 'namavali' is about two to four lines song. First it will be sung at normal speed and followed by a little more and again with a little more speed. The person who conducted the Bajans, used to come down to Kolinjivadi from Delhi every year during April after completion of Annual School Exams. Slowly the attendance for the Bhajan got increased every day and all enjoyed being part and parcel of the Bhajan. Inspite of April being a hot month we longed for it so that Bhajans can get started. Joining Bhajans make you feel near to Almighty.
The person, who conducted the Bajans every year, is the one and only greatest Carnatic Music Critic late Sri Subbudu Sir. All of us had a great time while we followed the Bhajans.At the end of each day, Subbudu Sir used to guide everybody how to sing better and what we have improved from previous day singing with utmost patience. Its almost 60 years now, still his Bhajans are fresh in my mind also in the Kolinjivadi hamlet.